Yulia Mironova

Yulia Myronova On Closing the Diversity Gap in STEM

Yulia Myronova
Senior TMT Analyst at The Boston Consulting Group

Yulia Myronova is a Senior Knowledge Analyst Telecom, Media and Technology at The Boston Consulting Group, Russian Federation. In her current role, Yulia supports cases, helps client teams to identify and develop specific industry knowledge, having a specific focus on Telecom; Middle East and CIS – Technology and Media.

Yulia has a strong, varied background, with particular expertise across technology and innovation; stemming from project management, product developments, through to research and development.

In addition to her main career position and non-profit activities, Myronova, also pursues personal business endeavours, most recently co-founding Innovative Techno Cluster “VDNH Tech”, Ukraine.

1. What do you do and what is your background in STEM?

I have a Masters degree in Telecommunication Engineering, and I’ve been working in the telco industry for more than 8 years now. I have worked in product development, and management, commercial R&D, and finally I am in TMT at the Boston Consultant Group

2. Why do you believe in supporting diverse STEM talent?

Overall diversity brings more points of view, which in turn means that particular project or organisation will probably be more successful. This is especially true for the technology sector. Technology is about serving people and making their live easier, it is about the consumer, and consumer market is diverse. Therefore it is crucially important to have diversity in STEM.

3. What is the biggest challenge in achieving STEM diversity?

There is a lack of women involved in STEM in universities and in technical departments. Personally, I haven’t experienced any particular discrimination or inconvenience so my conclusion is that it is just from inertia. It probably requires more time, and more marketing activities to show other women – especially younger women – that careers in STEM is a great life choice.

4. What inclusive hiring strategies do you see as key for closing the STEM diversity gap?

In my opinion, actions should been taken before the hiring process. Companies should create marketing with success stories specifically aimed at women, and have it on their website. They should also consider benefits for women – sometimes women need to go on maternity leave or have time off to concentrate on their family. Technology companies need to be aware of the types of things that women naturally need, and not discriminate against them. After maternity leave, there should be flexible schedules in place for women to work without any pressure.

5. What is your advice to diverse talent looking to join or progress within the STEM sector?

My advice is to be proactive. Do not concentrate on the stereotypes and any negative moments that you theoretically might encounter. Meet other women who work in this industry, share your experiences with them, and make a positive change. Having a mentor is also important – for any person. Especially in the first few years, finding a mentor either inside or outside your company will help you to succeed.


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